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REVIEW: Joan As Police Woman ‘Let It Be You’ (Reveal Records)

There are moments of real quality which hint that if more were to come from the collaboration then the results may be fruitful

REVIEW: D.D Dumbo – ‘Utopia Defeated’ (4AD)

Recorded in London, ‘Utopia Defeated’ is a well-travelled record that borrows from many palettes to paint a splendid picture.

REVIEW: GOAT -‘Requiem’ (Sub Pop)

‘Requiem’, for all its attempted restraint, is the most ambitious-sounding GOAT record to date.

REVIEW: Regina Spektor – ‘Remember Us To Life’ (Warner Bros)

‘Remember Us To Life’ goes some way to changing that, but though there are new layers of sound, the album feels too disjointed to really take hold.

REVIEW: Merchandise – ‘A Corpse Wired For Sound’ (4AD)

Merchandise’s Anglophile influences are still very much apparent on ‘A Corpse Wired For Sound’, but it’s a stepping stone towards something greater.

REVIEW: Deap Vally – ‘Femejism’ (Cooking Vinyl)

Where ‘Sistrionix’ was anthemic and immediate in its delivery, ‘Femejism’ is a well-measured affair that improves upon each listen.

REVIEW: Bastille – ‘Wild World’ (Virgin / Universal)

Had ‘Wild World’ actually been wild and taken risks then perhaps it could reach the heights hoped, instead we are left with a see-through attempt at stardom that ultimately is crushed by its own weight.

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