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REVIEW: Four Tet – ‘Sixteen Oceans’ (Text Records)

Kieran Hebden’s latest Four Tet album ‘Sixteen Oceans’ is the soundtrack of an artist reflecting on his achievements and exploring many ideas at once.

REVIEW: Four Tet – ‘New Energy’ (Text Records)

Kieran Hebden’s ninth Four Tet album ‘New Energy’ sees him look to his own past for inspiration, leading to a terrific and accessible experience.

REVIEW: Four Tet – Morning/Evening (Text Records)

by Ed Biggs Operating as Four Tet for over fifteen years, Kieran Hebden has been one of the most consistent forces in the kaleidoscopic collection of sub-genres that constitutes British electronic music, with his 2003 album Rounds universally considered to be a classic. However, his last album, 2013’s Beautiful Rewind, had all the elements that traditionally make up Four Tet records – gentle beats, downtempo rhythms and field recordings making up

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