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REVIEW: Kanye West – ‘Jesus Is King’ (GOOD / Def Jam)

In delivering a gospel album in ‘Jesus Is King’, Kanye West has divided audiences and critics in a way that only he can.

REVIEW: Kids See Ghosts – ‘KIDS SEE GHOSTS’ (GOOD / Def Jam)

On ‘Kids See Ghosts’, Kanye West and Kid Cudi find in each other the perfect creative foil – Cudi setting the mood and bringing lyrical honesty, while West provides the edge with his verses and ingenious sampling.

REVIEW: Kanye West – ‘The Life Of Pablo’ (GOOD / Def Jam)

by John Tindale When the most divisive man on the planet announced he was going to be releasing a seventh studio album in 2013, a mere five months after the release of the almost-experimental Yeezus, many heads were turned. Now two and a half years and no fewer than three title changes later, The Life Of Pablo has finally arrived and the media storm with it. Part of Kanye West’s brilliance is

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