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REVIEW: Sparks – ‘Hippopotamus’ (BMG)

Sparks’ first studio album in eight years, ‘Hippopotamus’, is either brilliant or naff depending on your outlook, but it’s most definitely enjoyable.

REVIEW: The Charlatans – ‘Different Days’ (BMG)

For their 13th album ‘Different Days’, The Charlatans raid their contacts list to help them produce their best album in two decades.

REVIEW: Blondie – ‘Pollinator’ (Noble / BMG)

‘Pollinator’ stays true to Blondie’s classic sound while keeping it relevant and fresh for 2017, and shows there’s plenty of life in the band yet.

REVIEW: Peter Doherty – ‘Hamburg Demonstrations’ (Eudaimonism / BMG)

He may increasingly be a man out of time, but Peter Doherty is still very capable of crafting his old magic on his second solo album ‘Hamburg Demonstrations’.

REVIEW: White Lies – ‘Friends’ (BMG)

On ‘Friends’, it’s hard to determine a direction at which White Lies might be going with their music, since they seem to have been stuck in the same place for quite some time now.

REVIEW: Band Of Skulls – ‘By Default’ (BMG)

by Ollie Rankine Earlier this year, Band Of Skulls fans were left in state of eager anticipation after guitar and vocalist, Russell Marsden labelled their upcoming fourth record, By Default “a new era”, having spent the best part of decade dwelling in the hinterlands of British rock. Choosing the unusual setting of a central Baptist church to facilitate the Southampton trio’s busy rehearsal schedule, the forecast for By Default appeared to

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