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REVIEW: Foxygen – ‘Hang’ (Jagjaguwar)

‘Hang’ frequently sounds brilliant, but Foxygen’s noise is occasionally weightless.

REVIEW: Bon Iver – ’22, A Million’ (Jagjaguwar)

’22, A Million’ not only manages to stray from anything clichéd but reasserts Justin Vernon’s status as one of the few artists that truly manages to make an art form out of his melancholic ponderings of the world around him.

REVIEW: Preoccupations – ‘Preoccupations’ (Jagjaguwar)

‘Preoccupations’ crackles with nervous energy and tension, and serves to buttress the impressive and innovative post-punk of the band’s debut last year.

REVIEW: Dinosaur Jr. – ‘Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not’ (Jagjaguwar)

by John Tindale If anything has been shown since the third coming of Dinosaur Jr., it’s that they haven’t missed a beat since the three-piece’s ‘golden era’ in the late ‘80s. 2007’s Beyond was a mature record full of floating melodies, the following Farm (2009) and I Bet On Sky (2012) were dazzling in their experimentation.

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