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REVIEW: Twin Peaks – ‘Lookout Low’ (Grand Jury Music)

Chicago’s Twin Peaks have sacrificed a bit too much of their unique character in the pursuit of maturity on fourth album ‘Lookout Low’.

REVIEW: Twin Peaks – ‘Sweet ’17 Singles’ (Grand Jury Music)

Collecting 12 months’ worth of sporadic recording designed to be listened to individually, ‘Sweet ’17 Singles’ is perfectly enjoyable but doesn’t move Twin Peaks forward.

REVIEW: Twin Peaks – ‘Down In Heaven’ (Communion)

by Ollie Rankine It appears Twin Peaks are in the process of parting with their adolescence. In typical high school band style, the Chicago quintet released their lo-fi, angst-propelled debut mini-album Sunken in 2013 in an attempt to stimulate interest from America’s petulant and apathetic youth. Since then, much has changed. Having embarked on their quest in the search for musical maturity via 2014’s Wild Onion, Twin Peaks’ new record Down In Heaven

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