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REVIEW: Bear’s Den – ‘Red Earth & Pouring Rain’ (Communion)

by Ollie Rankine Perhaps it might be deemed a little unfair, but the reputation that has labelled London folk rockers, Bear’s Den as Mumford & Sons’ younger brothers has always been somewhat challenging to avoid entirely. Having long been friends as fellow artists and both bands previously sharing a stage for an earlier Mumford & Sons tour in the US, Bear’s Den’s 2014 debut Islands also followed an undeniably similar formula

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REVIEW: Twin Peaks – ‘Down In Heaven’ (Communion)

by Ollie Rankine It appears Twin Peaks are in the process of parting with their adolescence. In typical high school band style, the Chicago quintet released their lo-fi, angst-propelled debut mini-album Sunken in 2013 in an attempt to stimulate interest from America’s petulant and apathetic youth. Since then, much has changed. Having embarked on their quest in the search for musical maturity via 2014’s Wild Onion, Twin Peaks’ new record Down In Heaven

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REVIEW: Years & Years – ‘Communion’ (Polydor / Universal)

by Lauren James I should know better than thinking “hotly anticipated debut” is for anything other than PR and lazy showbiz journalism, yet I still clung to the hope that the much buzzed-about Years & Years would deliver a sound to define 2015. Communion is crammed with the kind of slickly produced house-pop London does so well, yet even singer Olly Alexander’s boyband-perfect voice fails to carve any palpable emotion into

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