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REVIEW: Field Music – ‘Flat White Moon’ (Memphis Industries)

On ‘Flat White Moon’, the Brewis brothers smooth out some of their sharper edges, but they don’t lose too much of their intelligence or personality in the process.

REVIEW: Field Music – ‘Making A New World’ (Memphis Industries)

‘Making A New World’ could have been Field Music’s masterpiece, but its message is often buried underneath layers of wilfully impenetrable art-rock.

REVIEW: Field Music – ‘Open Here’ (Memphis Industries)

Field Music do not disappoint with their seventh full-length release ‘Open Here’, an album full of mesmerizing arrangements and contemplative lyrics which play together in perfect harmony.

REVIEW: Field Music – ‘Commontime’ (Memphis Industries)

by Matthew Langham Recorded in their hometown of Sunderland, Field Music, consisting Peter and David Brewis, return with their sixth studio album looking to capitalise on the Mercury-nominated Plumb, and is considered to be one of their most accessible records to date. The duo have previously been compared to the likes of XTC, Talking Heads and Hot Chip – and Commontime perfectly highlights how Field Music are as far removed from

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