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REVIEW: Mush – ‘Lines Redacted’ (Memphis Industries)

Mush’s second album ‘Lines Redacted’ feels musically over-stylised, which blunts the impact of their excellent lyrics.

PREVIEW: Gigs of the Week in Leeds, March 7th-13th

The best gigs coming up in Leeds this week, including Mush, Julia Bardo, Georgia, Louis Cole and the 2020 edition of Inner City Electronic!

REVIEW: Mush – ‘3D Routine’ (Memphis Industries)

With their tongue-in-cheek take on the state of the world set to jaggy, DIY indie-punk, Mush’s debut album ‘3D Routine’ is a great first effort.

REVIEW: Mush – ‘Induction Party’ EP (Memphis Industries)

Delivered with restless energy and no small amount of humour, Mush’s debut EP ‘Induction Party’ continues to mark them out as one of the best British indie hopefuls.