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REVIEW: Mush – ‘3D Routine’ (Memphis Industries)


In a sentence:

With their tongue-in-cheek take on the state of the world set to jaggy, DIY indie-punk, Mush’s debut album ‘3D Routine’ is a great first effort. 

Mush’s debut album 3D Routine has been widely anticipated for some time. Since they emerged in the second half of 2018, the Leeds-based post-punk outfit have been gradually built themselves a reputation for combining social commentaries with a dry sense of humour, then blending them with jaggy, lo-fi DIY indie and clattering, hooky guitars inspired by the like of The Fall, Pavement and Sonic Youth.

3D Routine is certainly more expansive than their previous release, last year’s EP Induction Party, suggested, taking on broader themes and in much more depth. The tone is set straight from the off with ‘Revising My Fee’ taking aim at the austerity years and the financial impact this has had on young people, for example student loans. It also comes across in ‘Gig Economy’, one of their oldest singles dating from late 2018 and taking aim at zero-hours contracts.

‘Island Mentality’ is about exactly that, the idea that Britain is fine on its own and is still as powerful and important as it was in the days of the British Empire. ‘Hey Gammonhead!’ is an obvious reference to the political belligerence of older, right-wing and predominantly white men. A predominant theme of 3D Routine is the attacking of ‘common sense politics’, and the subsequent misinformation that seems to come with it. This is backed up by tracks as the brutal wall of sound that is ‘Eat The Etiquette’, as well in snarky song titles like ‘Alternative Facts’ and ‘Coronation Chicken’, all sarcastically mocking the elitist nature of the governing powers and the establishment in Britain.

In 3D Routine, Mush build on the raw and uncompromising style that had brought them this far creating a solid debut that showcases their style while still giving themselves much more room to grow. They provide a less serious snapshot of what it feels like to be any disenfranchised young person, who feels that the world is falling to pieces around them and that the people in charge are only serving themselves. (7/10) (David Allsop)

Listen to 3D Routine by Mush here via Spotify, and tell us what you think below!

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