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PREVIEW: Gigs of the Week in Leeds, 10th-16th November

The Prodigy @ First Direct Arena, Tuesday 13th November

The Prodigy are considered to be one of the groundbreaking electronic acts of the ‘90s, especially thanks to their third record The Fat Of The Land (1997), which is widely considered to be a masterpiece. Since then, The Prodigy have operated sporadically, the latest one being No Tourists which came out just last week, and which proved that they are still in great shape. Honestly, there also isn’t a better time to see a band live than just after they have dropped a new album, which is why The Prodigy’s gig at the First Direct Arena should be such a treat. Grab your tickets if you still can!

FRIGS @ Headrow House, Tuesday 13th November

If you’re looking for something more low-key for a Tuesday night, then definitely consider dropping by the Headrow House to see FRIGS playing live. They are a Toronto-based band which merges emotional grunge with immersive, psychedelic post-punk. They are also known for putting on shows that are immersive and often very experimental. All in all, there is no guarantee on what to expect from FRIGS, but that’s makes this young and energetic band such an interesting act to watch. Be sure to come down and see them this week in Leeds!

Leon Bridges @ Leeds O2 Academy, Thursday 15th November

Leon Bridges is one of the most anticipated acts to play live in Leeds this week. He has so far been called one of the most promising R&B artists of his generation, something which was confirmed by the Grammy nomination for his debut album Coming Home (2015) for the Best R&B Album in 2016. Bridges combines ‘60s R&B with soul and gospel, but not without a personal touch, which was especially visible on his sophomore record Good Thing (2018) where he added a bit of funk and more current sound to his songs. Bridges is definitely worth seeing live, so if you’re not busy this Thursday night, try to make your way to O2 Academy.

Florence & The Machine @ First Direct Arena, Thursday 15th November

Florence & The Machine is one of the most popular bands of the past decade. Led by the charismatic Florence Welch, the group is known for its unique blend of baroque pop, folk and alternative rock that creates an amazingly mesmerizing atmosphere, both on the record and during their concerts. Their two latest albums, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful from 2015 and High As Hope from earlier this year, proved that Florence & The Machine were not just a one-album wonder but an incredibly consistent band led by a super talented vocalist, for some even one of the greatest voices of our time. They are playing a sold-out gig at First Direct Arena, but who knows, maybe there’s still a chance to find a way to see them live this time?

Ezra Collective @ The Wardrobe, Friday 16th November

Ezra Collective are a London-based five-piece and one of the most exciting acts on the modern jazz scene. They celebrate the past and respect the classics of jazz but they also are not afraid to take risks and contribute to the growth and development of the genre by adding elements of Afrobeat and hip-hop to their compositions. A true musical powerhouse, Ezra Collective are also carrying the unmistakable vibe of London everywhere they go. They’re playing live at The Wardrobe this Friday night, be sure not to miss it!

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