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REVIEW: Ty Segall – ‘First Taste’ (Drag City)

Forsaking the electric guitar for the first time in his career, Ty Segall’s latest studio creation ‘First Taste’ still manages to convincingly re-create his psych-garage style.

REVIEW: Ty Segall – ‘Ty Segall’ (Drag City)

Its stock may be at an all-time low, but rock ‘n’ roll won’t be dying on Ty Segall’s watch.

REVIEW: Ty Segall – ‘Emotional Mugger’ (Drag City)

by John Tindale Upon the release of Emotional Mugger, Ty Segall described the album as: “the over-communication relayed in cell based technology and content driven media further detaches passengers of our modern society from deep emotional understanding”, thus Emotional Mugger is debatably a concept album discussing the perils of the modern age and its relationship with the internet and it comes at a crossroads in the career of Segall.

REVIEW: Fuzz – ‘II’ (In The Red)

by Ed Biggs Does Ty Segall actually sleep? Fans of the Californian crate-digger will know that he releases a solo album once a year, as well fitting in full-time membership of no fewer than seven other bands, one of which is the friends-only project Fuzz. Forming it alongside his long-time buddy Charles Mootheart (also a guitarist in the Ty Segall band) back in 2013, their self-titled debut was a hermetically-sealed time

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