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REVIEW: Idlewild – ‘Interview Music’ (Empty Word)

Mixing their literacy and charm with a new-found love for the off-kilter and psychedelic, ‘Interview Music’ is Idlewild’s best album in 15 years.

REVIEW: Roddy Woomble – ‘The Deluder’ (A Modern Way)

Idlewild lead singer Roddy Woomble delivers a minimalist but thoroughly familiar and pleasing experience on fourth solo album ‘The Deluder’.

REVIEW: Idlewild – ‘Everything Ever Written’ (Empty Words)

by Ed Biggs Six years out of the game isn’t that long when you compare it to the huge swathes of time groups like My Bloody Valentine and Suede have left between records, but it’s proved to be too much for Idlewild fans, who successfully launched an online petition for their heroes to make more music early last year. But why? Though they frequently landed Top 40 singles, Top 10

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