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REVIEW: Suede – ‘The Blue Hour’ (Suede Ltd. / Warner)

Still bent on creativity and pushing their limits years after their Britpop contemporaries became lazy and fat, Suede have delivered one of their finest albums with ‘The Blue Hour’.

CULT ’90s: Suede – ‘Dog Man Star’

Suede’s gothic, flawed masterpiece was ostentatiously out of step with the Britpop-dominated Nineties, but has aged much better than most albums of its era.

FROM WORST TO BEST: Suede singles

To mark the 25th anniversary of their debut single ‘The Drowners’, we rank Suede’s singles from worst to best.

CLASSIC ’90s: Suede – ‘Coming Up’

Consisting of lean, back-to-basics compositions denuded of the lengthy musical explorations of its predecessor and precision-tooled for radio airplay, Coming Up was conceived of as the antithesis of Dog Man Star right from the start.

REVIEW: Suede – ‘Night Thoughts’ (Suede Ltd.)

by Ed Biggs As one of the many artists that made 2013 such an unusually strong year for good comeback records, Suede’s first album in 11 years, Bloodsports, at last provided the appropriate full stop to their legacy that their output in the ‘90s deserved, and which 2002’s dire A New Morning singularly failed to provide. Having cleansed our palates from that sour aftertaste, Brett Anderson and his gang must now

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