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PLAYLIST: August 2016

by Ed Biggs August has been a terrific month for music: not least because of the headline-grabbing return of Frank Ocean with not one, but two new albums in the shape of visual project Endless, following two days later on August 20th by Blonde, currently sitting atop the charts on both sides of the Atlantic and many markets around the world.

PLAYLIST: July 2016

by Ed Biggs Wow. July went past really quickly, didn’t it? Perhaps it’s been because of news and culture in general seeming to move very, very fast post-Brexit, or maybe it’s been our schedule of two major festivals in the space of three weeks, but there’s barely been time to take stock of July.

PLAYLIST: June 2016

by Ed Biggs The world basically seemed to fall apart in June 2016. Brexit, the day many assumed would never come, actually did, and now everybody’s wondering what the actual fuck? Anybody could be forgiven for wanting to give up on the world and retreat to a place where things made more sense.

Women In Indie

To celebrate International Women’s Day, here’s a short playlist showcasing the greatest women in the alternative music scene in 2016, ranging from established stars like PJ Harvey and Björk to rising stars such as Courtney Barnett and Lorelei Rodriguez (a.k.a. Empress Of). Happy listening!

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