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PLAYLIST: June 2016

by Ed Biggs

The world basically seemed to fall apart in June 2016. Brexit, the day many assumed would never come, actually did, and now everybody’s wondering what the actual fuck? Anybody could be forgiven for wanting to give up on the world and retreat to a place where things made more sense.

Good news for music fans, in that case, because June 2016 was awesome. Glastonbury happened – yours truly went for the very first time! – and there were many superb records released, best of all from Norwich’s prodigious teenage duo Let’s Eat Grandma, whose debut I, Gemini won our Album of the Month for June (check out John Tindale’s 9/10 review here).

Great individual tracks, trailing what will hopefully be great albums, also appeared from a number of indie’s heavy hitters this month. Two Door Cinema Club finally rediscovered the keys to the studio and gave us an absolute pounder of a tune, ‘Are We Ready? (Wreck)’; Floridian indie act Merchandise returned with a new track, ‘Flower Of Sex’, that looks to continue the great work of their 2014 debut LP After The End; Sleigh Bells dropped a track ‘Rule Number One’ from an upcoming record; and Beck continues to tantalise us with an as-yet-unconfirmed album with another new track, the multi-coloured hip-pop track ‘Wow’.

For more seasoned music veterans, the mighty Teenage Fanclub delivered ‘I’m In Love’ from a prospective 11th album Here. Which is amazing news!

Anyway, check out our condensed June 2016 playlist here via Spotify!

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