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REVIEW: Fontaines D.C. – ‘A Hero’s Death’ (Partisan)

Albums written predominantly on the road rarely work, but Fontaines D.C.’s quick-fire second album ‘A Hero’s Death’ is a sparkling exception.

REVIEW: Pottery – ‘Welcome To Bobby’s Motel’ (Partisan)

Fusing funky rhythms with the grit of garage-rock and punk, transatlantic outfit Pottery deliver one of the debuts of 2020 with ‘Welcome To Bobby’s Motel’.

REVIEW: Cigarettes After Sex – ‘Cry’ (Partisan)

Another album of heartache set to exquisitely produced dream-pop, Greg Gonzalez’s second Cigarettes After Sex album ‘Cry’ feels like an extension of the debut.

REVIEW: Eagulls – ‘Ullages’ (Partisan)

by Ed Biggs Released a little over two years ago, Eagulls’ self-titled debut was one of the rare post-punk revival records over the last decade that has truly understood the dynamics of the genre and also revitalised it with something quintessentially now. Few have channelled the ghost of Ian Curtis as successfully as lead singer George Mitchell, but the sound behind Eagulls was aggressive and urgent, driven by existential panic and

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