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REVIEW: Pulled Apart By Horses – ‘The Haze’ (Caroline International)

On their fourth album and first with their new drummer, Pulled Apart By Horses continue to be one of the most consistently entertaining guitar bands in Britain.

REVIEW: Kaiser Chiefs – ‘Stay Together’ (Caroline)

‘Stay Together’ is admittedly fresh and clean sounding, but Kaiser Chiefs have surrendered so much of their identity with the step into such territory that it makes for a very unconvincing makeover.

REVIEW: Beaty Heart – ‘Till The Tomb’ (Caroline / NUA)

by John Tindale In a world where Drake’s ‘One Dance’ dominates the singles chart, Peckham four-piece Beaty Heart arrive with their second album and continue to question just what it takes to make pop that connects in 2016. Till The Tomb at times isn’t overtly pop, but nor does it qualify into any other genre: it inhabits the borderline between world, electronic and pop constantly and it when it works, it

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25 YEARS OLD: Smashing Pumpkins – ‘Gish’

by Ed Biggs Any discussion of Smashing Pumpkins’ career tends to get dominated by their twin masterpieces, Siamese Dream (1993) and Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (1995). Which is fair enough, as these are unquestionably two of the greatest alternative rock records of the nineties, testament to Billy Corgan’s unique vision for heavy rock, but crucial in explaining those albums’ successes is the group’s debut Gish.

REVIEW: Mystery Jets – ‘Curve Of The Earth’ (Caroline)

by Matthew Langham Over three years have passed since Mystery Jets released their Americana-influenced Radlands which featured the excellent ‘Hale Bop’. Now onto their fifth record in the first decade of their existence, their progressive fourth has certainly influenced their King Crimson / Pink Floyd soundscape on Curve Of The Earth. Released in the same week as the passing of David Bowie, it can’t help be noticed that this record takes

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