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REVIEW: The Prodigy – ‘No Tourists’ (BMG / Take Me To The Hospital)

Much more than just battle-hardened survivors, The Prodigy’s latest album ‘No Tourists’ finds them in fresher form than at any point in the last decade.

CLASSIC ’90s: The Prodigy – ‘The Fat Of The Land’

20 years on, it’s hard to think of many albums that have made such a wide impact as The Prodigy’s massive third album ‘The Fat Of The Land’.

REVIEW: The Prodigy – ‘The Day Is My Enemy’ (Take Me To The Hospital / Cooking Vinyl)

by Ed Biggs When The Prodigy returned in 2009, they had been missing in action for so long that almost anything they put out would  have been well-received. A new generation of ravers had grown up in their shadow, in a world where their collision of punk, house and electro was the starting point for a number of up-and-coming acts in the noughties. Invaders Must Die, while not a match for anything

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