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REVIEW: Waxahatchee – ‘Saint Cloud’ (Merge)

Wearing experience and determination like a badge of courage, Katie Crutchfield’s fifth Waxahatchee album ‘Saint Cloud’ is her finest so far.

REVIEW: Waxahatchee – ‘Great Thunder’ EP (Merge)

Katie Crutchfield revisits some of her oldest work with her latest Waxahatchee release ‘Great Thunder’.

REVIEW: Waxahatchee – ‘Out In The Storm’ (Merge)

Katie Crutchfield’s 4th outing as Waxahatchee is her most personal yet, and a sturdy addition to her growing discography.

REVIEW: Waxahatchee – ‘Ivy Tripp’ (Wichita / Merge)

by Ed Biggs Since her 2012 debut American Weekend, Alabama-born New Yorker Katie Crutchfield has quietly become one of the most compelling solo performers of the new decade. The home-made acoustic qualities of that debut were electrified on the following year’s excellent Cerulean Salt, but until now Waxahatchee material has always been able to be performed with minimal help from others. Ivy Tripp is, by contrast, a lot less single-minded

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