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REVIEW: Osees – ‘Protean Threat’ (Castle Face Records)

Another refinement of a very well established style, John Dwyer’s latest Osees album ‘Protean Threat’ is probably most notable for the name change.

REVIEW: Oh Sees – ‘Smote Reverser’ (Castle Face)

John Dwyer takes his twisted garage-rockers Oh Sees into prog-rock territory on 21st album ‘Smote Reverser’ – but their punky thrills are as technically proficient as ever.

REVIEW: OCS – ‘Memory Of A Cut Off Head’ (Castle Face)

Psychedelic garage rock veteran John Dwyer continues his prodigious output rate by returning to his OCS moniker on ‘Memory Of A Cut Off Head’.

REVIEW: Oh Sees – ‘Orc’ (Castle Face)

Having dropped the ‘Thee’ from their name, John Dwyer’s Oh Sees attempt to move onto a new phase of their career with 19th album ‘Orc’.

REVIEW: Thee Oh Sees – ‘A Weird Exits’ (Castle Face)

by John Tindale Thee Oh Sees are an oddity in a music industry which trudges along with the same formula of an album every two years and songs fitting the mould of verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus etc. Thee Oh Sees, now on their 11th album in eight years, are the band that tears up the rulebook to create their own cosmic landscape and in A Weird Exits, it works wonderfully.

REVIEW: Thee Oh Sees – ‘Mutilator Defeated At Last’ (Castle Face)

by Matthew Langham Thee Oh Sees have become one of the US’s most consistent indie acts over the last five years. They have consistently put out great, stripped-down records and now onto their ninth record, lead singer John Dwyer return with his unique blend of fuzzy psych-rock. After a very brief hiatus that lasted all of a month, the San Francisco-based band returned with 2014’s Drop which featured yet another line-up

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