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PREVIEW: Mac DeMarco @ Halifax, The Piece Hall

If you want to go cheesy, you’ll call him the Canadian prince of indie rock. If you want to go overused, you’ll call him an oddball and a goofball or whatever other noun that apparently suggests the special type of nonchalance that Mac DeMarco carries. Let’s be real here – whether you like his ‘vibe’ or not, he has a presence and a sound to him that is undoubtedly acknowledged in the indie world, as he has paved the way for jangly slacker melodies in the new millennia for all the boys with socks too long and jeans too dirty. In another instalment of Brudenell Presents, previously having featured the mighty St. Vincent, Mac DeMarco is coming to Halifax’s Piece Hall to bring his newest LP Here Comes The Cowboy to life with support from Yellow Days, Amyl & The Sniffers and Working Men’s Club.

It’s anyone’s guess as to what mood Mac DeMarco will bring to his live show on the 27th. Known for both raucous drunk soirees filled with tongue-in-cheek ramblings amongst the moustachioed guitar solos and lilting melodies of sweet sweet love and, lately, a more understated presentation, DeMarco is one that brings an element of surprise to his endeavours. Considering the recent tone change much to everyone’s surprise in his two latest albums – This Old Dog and the aforementioned Here Comes The Cowboy, maybe the atmosphere that’ll fill one of the most distinguishable buildings in Halifax will be one of melancholy and silent contemplation? Now, that’s quite unlikely knowing DeMarco’s track record, especially as the varied support from the likes of the melancholic Mancunians Yellow Days, Australian pub punk Amyl & The Sniffers and Yorkshire post-punk Working Men’s Club – all acts varying in style and energy levels – are quite contrasting.

Whether Yellow Days’ dreaminess and longing pervade, or the familiar hair rock air and punk attitude of Amyl & The Sniffers, or the brashness of Working Men’s Club, what’s left is to wait for the day itself. Mac always has tricks up his sleeve with the casual sentiment of romance that follows his songs, and we at The Student Playlist cannot wait to see that smile up on stage, guitar in hand, sweet nothings and memorable melodies by his side. Hopefully his current everyday hat fits the cowboy aesthetic, because if anyone can play into a relatively corny theme in a surprisingly non-corny way, it’s Mac DeMarco, and nobody does it better than him.

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