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REVIEW: The Killers – ‘Imploding The Mirage’ (Island)

The Killers’ sixth album ‘Imploding The Mirage’ has solid and touching moments amid the usual Springstonian bombast.

REVIEW: The Killers – ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ (Island / UMG)

The first album from The Killers in five years, ‘Wonderful Wonderful’, sees the band struggling to break with their old ways, but only sometimes sucessfully.

REVIEW: Brandon Flowers – ‘The Desired Effect’ (Island)

by Ed Biggs As Pitchfork’s Jeremy Larson has already pointed out, it’s hard to get a handle on Brandon Flowers as a pop star precisely because so much of his career has involved playing at being a pop star. As lead singer of The Killers, he’s rummaged through the dressing-up box of music to be, variously: new-wave Brandon (Hot Fuss); Springsteen Brandon (Sam’s Town); glam Brandon (Day & Age); and Bono

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