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“Motor Away” – An Introduction to Guided By Voices

To mark Jeff Gomez’s remarkable new band biography ‘Zeppelin Over Dayton’, we offer a very brief introduction to Guided By Voices.

REVIEW: Guided By Voices – ‘How Do You Spell Heaven’ (GBV Ltd.)

Guided By Voices’ 24th studio album is refreshingly accessible, and as good an entry point as any for a newcomer.

REVIEW: Guided By Voices – ‘Please Be Honest’ (GBV Ltd.)

by Ed Biggs Coming just a couple of months after its lead singer’s last solo album, Please Be Honest is the 23rd by the indie institution / saga that is Guided By Voices. In their 30-year career that’s seen dozens of line-up changes, their Fading Captain Robert Pollard has been the only constant figure on the good ship GBV in a rotating cast of faithful musical fellow-travellers and occasional deckhands.

REVIEW: Robert Pollard – ‘Of Course You Are’ (Fire)

by Ed Biggs To describe Robert Pollard’s output rate as ‘prodigious’ would be the greatest understatement in music. As the lead singer of the obscurantist indie heroes Guided By Voices since the mid ‘80s and latterly as a solo artist, Pollard has more than 1,700 songs registered under his name with various performing rights organisations. Of Course You Are is his 22nd solo album since 1996, indicating a man who truly

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CULT ’90s: Guided By Voices – ‘Alien Lanes’

by Ed Biggs With their penchant for alcohol and short, sweet lo-fi songs, Dayton’s Guided By Voices are regarded as one of the defining underground bands of the ‘90s. Their unpretentious brand of hook-laden indie rock, compressed into minute-long song sketches, has captured the hearts of their small but utterly dedicated fanbase ever since their inception in the mid-‘80s. After nearly a decade of slogging, and having finally gained some

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