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REVIEW: The Avalanches – ‘We Will Always Love You’ (Modular)

Backed by a massive cast of impressive guest stars, The Avalanches’ third LP ‘We Will Always Love You’ is imperfect but contains many thrills.

CLASSIC ’00s: The Avalanches – ‘Since I Left You’

The album that fulfilled the promise of the original vision for the art of sampling, The Avalanches’ 2000 debut ‘Since I Left You’ is an expression of wonderment and infinite possibilities.

REVIEW: The Avalanches – ‘Wildflower’ (XL)

by John Tindale Way back in November 2000 – which, from the point of view of 2016, is so long ago it may as well be ancient history: before 9/11, and when Napster was still a thing and iPods weren’t – Australian music collective The Avalanches released their first full-length LP Since I Left You, which was one of the most creative and original albums of the decade. Constructed with painstaking

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