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PREVIEW: Gigs of the Week in Leeds, 7th-13th September

The best live music coming up in Leeds this week, including SASAMI, Cosmonauts and Modern Nature.

REVIEW: Modern Nature – ‘How To Live’ (Bella Union)

One can only hope that Modern Nature isn’t a one-off project for former Ultimate Painting star Jack Cooper, as ‘How To Live’ is a faultless gem of indie-folk.

REVIEW : The Charlatans – ‘Modern Nature’ (BMG)

by Ed Biggs In the history of rock ‘n’ roll survivors, there can be very few that can claim to have emotionally suffered more, or endured more changes in the pop landscape, than The Charlatans. Having begun their career at the height of the ‘Madchester’ baggy sound in 1990, they successfully negotiated the zeitgeist change to Britpop in the middle of the decade, and have maintained a consistent fan-base ever

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