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REVIEW: Wilco – ‘Ode To Joy’ (dBpm)

Although masterful in places, Wilco’s 11th album ‘Ode To Joy’ is hamstrung by flat, damp production and some uninspired writing.

REVIEW: Jeff Tweedy – ‘Together At Last’ (dBpm)

Taking an acoustic approach to his entire post-Uncle Tupelo output, ‘Together At Last’ sees Jeff Tweedy showcase the pure aspects of his songwriting.

REVIEW: Wilco – ‘Schmilco’ (dBpm)

While there’s probably less enduring material here for Tweedy’s hardcore fans to pore over for years to come, ‘Schmilco’ is a great entry point for newcomers looking for a way into a discography stretching back to 1995.

REVIEW: Wilco – ‘Star Wars’ (dBPM / Anti)

by Ed Biggs Throughout their two-decade career, Wilco have been relatively unchanging in their musical disposition yet, strangely, have always been hard to pin down. For a time, they were arguably the best alternative rock act in the US, with some critics branding their kind-of-indie, kind-of-country, kind-of-rock sound and Jeff Tweedy’s subtle, highbrow lyrics and subject matter as ‘the American Radiohead’, comparing the two groups’ abilities to produce stylistically diverse albums

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