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REVIEW: Frank Turner – ‘No Man’s Land’ (Polydor / Xtra Mile)

Quite aside from the backlash it’s generated, ‘No Man’s Land’ certainly represents an over-extension of Frank Turner’s emotional resources.

REVIEW: Frank Turner – ‘Be More Kind’ (Polydor)

On his seventh album ‘Be More Kind’, a collection of highly polished pop-rock anthems, Frank Turner’s idealistic political venting finally becomes tiresome and grating.

REVIEW: Frank Turner – ‘Positive Songs For Negative People’ (Xtra Mile Recordings)

by Matthew Langham Now onto his sixth studio album, the ever-consistent Frank Turner returns with more of his politically-infused punk/folk/rock crossover which has seen him amass a devoted fan base over eight years. His Glastonbury midday performance this year was prime example of his broad appeal and one which I will admit helped to banish a heavy hangover. His passion for music is patently obvious and his arena shows are now

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