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REVIEW: Muse – ‘Simulation Theory’ (Warner)

When you think that ‘Simulation Theory’ is the work of the same band that once did ‘Origin Of Symmetry’, you realise how depressingly cynical Muse have become.

CLASSIC ’00s: Muse – ‘Absolution’

Muse’s third album ‘Absolution’ turned them from critical successes to household names, and its dystopian overtones are still prescient more than a decade on.

REVIEW: Muse – ‘Drones’ (Warner Bros. / Helium 3)

by Ed Biggs Ever since the masterful Black Holes And Revelations in 2006 and the legendary shows at Wembley the following year, Muse’s chief concern has become the live arena rather than the studio. It’s something that happens to all truly massive bands – U2, Depeche Mode, Oasis, Coldplay to name a few – their albums become an excuse to tour, pack the arenas and coin it in. The audience, likewise,

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