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PREVIEW: Gigs of the Week in Leeds, 22nd-28th June

Ezra Collective @ Belgrave Music Hall, Saturday 22nd June

Ezra Collective, a brilliant London five-piece, is returning to Leeds this week for yet another exciting gig, this time at the Belgrave Music Hall. The band’s irresistible blend of classic jazz influences and elements of Afrobeat and hip-hop is a true celebration of music – appreciative of the past, but also joyous and inventive. With their excellent debut album You Can’t Steal My Joy out a couple of months back, Ezra Collective surely won’t disappoint, so don’t hesitate to grab your tickets for tonight’s concert. (TICKETS)

Laura Stevenson @ Brudenell Social Club, Sunday 23rd June

New York-based singer-songwriter Laura Stevenson is an artist who brings emotions to the surface as not many artists do. Each of her songs, especially from 2019’s new album The Big Freeze  is a journey into Stevenson’s deep thoughts and observations, often sombre, yet also very true and nothing but authentic. Don’t hesitate and drop by the Brudenell this Sunday to see Stevenson play live. (TICKETS)

Metz @ Brudenell Social Club, Wednesday 26th June

Metz is a Canadian noise-punk trio whose music is without a doubt best experienced live. They are loud – really really loud – playing angry songs filled with darkness and heavy vibe. Those guys do not spare their instruments or their energy on stage, so be prepared to live with some serious ear-ringing long after Metz are done with their gig this Wednesday at Brudenell. (TICKETS)

Flat Worms @ Brudenell Social Club, Friday 28th June

Another punk trio visiting Leeds this week, Flat Worms is a Los Angeles band with a straightforward goal of delivering the best music they can, without being pretentious, but as noisy and intense as possible. Flat Worms are considered to be one of the best garage-punk bands on the West Coast of the United States – if you’re curious enough to check that on your own, then grab your tickets for the Friday gig at the Brudenell! (TICKETS)

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