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FROM WORST TO BEST: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

by Ed Biggs As a presence and influence in popular music, Nick Cave is an institution easily worthy of being mentioned in the same breath with the likes of Dylan, Cash, Mitchell, Cohen and other household names, the most celebrated songwriters in pop’s well-documented history. However, it also makes sense to think of him as one of music’s eternal outsiders, along with cult heroes like Scott Walker, Tom Waits or Michael

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REVIEW: Giorgio Moroder – Déjà Vu (Sony)

by Matthew Langham Since his sampled voiceover on Daft Punk’s 2013 album Random Access Memories, which in turn was a kind of tribute album to the man himself, legendary Italian-born producer Giorgio Moroder has seen something of a revival in fortunes in terms of his critical stock. Famed for producing hit records such as ‘Hot Stuff’ and the effortlessly futuristic ‘I Feel Love’, this is his first record since 1985’s collaboration

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