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On the release of their new album ‘Strange Creatures’, Daniel Antunes caught up with Eoin and Rory Loveless from Drenge.

REVIEW: Drenge – ‘Strange Creatures’ (Infectious)

On their third album ‘Strange Creatures’, Drenge tweak and experiment with their hard, fast and loud post-grunge racket, with compelling results.

REVIEW: Drenge – ‘Undertow’ (Infectious)

by Ed Biggs Drenge’s self-titled 2013 debut absolutely dripped with aggression and ennui. The Loveless brothers’ directed their boredom at their formative teenage years spent stuck in grey rural Derbyshire. But as impressive as that racket was, it risked pegging them as a one trick pony, as many similar bands in the recent past who have relied so much on stripped-down volume have struggled to project in other directions and on other

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