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REVIEW: DJ Shadow – ‘Our Pathetic Age’ (Mass Appeal / Reconstruction)

Despite a clutch of spectacular highlights, DJ Shadow’s half-instrumental double album ‘Our Pathetic Age’ is way too long and over-ambitious.

CULT ’90s: UNKLE – ‘Psyence Fiction’

DJ Shadow and Mo’Wax boss James Lavelle teamed up for the star-studded UNKLE album ‘Psyence Fiction’ 20 years ago.

CULT ’90s: DJ Shadow – ‘Endtroducing…..’

The enormous critical success and cult following which DJ Shadow’s seminal debut Endtroducing….. attracted has been a double-edged sword for its creator over the subsequent two decades. The first ever album to be constructed entirely from samples, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, it came to so completely encapsulate the hazy, smoky trip-hop that became fashionable in the late ‘90s that it’s been an millstone for Josh Davis

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REVIEW: DJ Shadow – ‘The Mountain Will Fall’ (Mass Appeal)

by John Tindale It has been 20 years since DJ Shadow’s classic debut album Entroducing… – one of the most ambitious records of all time, and the first album to be constructed entirely from samples – but since then Shadow, a.k.a. the crate-digging ingenue Josh Davis, has largely been hit and miss, ranging from the mainly great The Private Press in 2002 to the severely lacklustre The Less You Know, The Better

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