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REVIEW: The Lounge Society – ‘Silk For The Starving’ EP (Speedy Wunderground)


In a sentence:

‘Silk For The Starving’ is a sharp, energetic and modern take on post-punk by Speedy Wunderground’s latest products The Lounge Society.

The Lounge Society are the latest in a series of fascinating new bands that have emerged from the Yorkshire scene in the last few years. The Calder Valley area in which they formed has been a breeding ground for big new names in music, like Working Men’s Club and The Orielles, but The Lounge Society are the latest and their new EP paints them as a pretty promising band.

Although it’s only four tracks long, The Lounge Society’s debut EP Silk For The Starving is bursting with energy, excitement and political nous. Take closer ‘Valley Bottom Fever’, which sees racing guitars and drums rise to a quickening pace. Although it’s at the end of the EP, it’s the most perfect introduction to the band. It tells you all you need to know – there’s no room for pretentiousness, for ridiculous over the top solos, or use of a bunch of odd instruments to sound unique. The Lounge Society take post-punk back to its routes in a funky, fun manner.

Opener ‘Burn The Heather’ is also a pretty good indication of The Lounge Society’s ability to incorporate funk into their music. Alongside a bouncy bass riff and quick paced guitars, lead singer Cameron Davey puts on a pretty good James Murphy impression in some of his vocal inflections (in fact, if you’ve been craving some Sound Of Silver-era LCD Soundsystem, The Lounge Society might be right up your street).

The two middle tracks, ‘Television’ and ‘Cain’s Heresy’ play similar, but still carry energy and a sense of fun. The riff at the beginning of ‘Television’ sounds like (shocker) Television, although repeated shouts of “tragedy makes for such good TV” sounds like similar 2021 post-punk rockers, Black Country, New Road.

All four tracks feature a pretty great breakdown, in which the instrumentals are given space to go wild, and this never disappoints. The music is always fun throughout, but never feels like you’re just listening to the same songs on repeat. The Lounge Society are an exciting and energetic band, putting out a pretty exciting and energetic EP. Nothing more, nothing less. We’re looking forward to seeing what comes next. (7/10) (Harrison Kirby)

Listen to Silk For The Starving EP by The Lounge Society here via Spotify, and tell us what you think below!

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