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PLAYLISTS: Pro- and Anti- Valentine’s Day

Depending on your perspective, Valentine’s Day is either the one day of the year dedicated to declarations and displays of everlasting love, or a soporific and gratuitous invention of the capitalist class to get us to buy ludicrous cards and teddy bears. But one thing’s for sure, both perspectives have led to the creation of some pretty damn fine music.

So that we can showcase both points of view, to satisfy the love-struck and the love-sick, we’ve created two different Valentine’s Day playlists in time for February 14th.

The first is for teary-eyed, big-hearted love anthems, for those in long-term committed relationships or in the first throes of new love. The second was altogether more fun to put together, full of paranoid and anxious freak-outs, misanthropic howls of rejection, lovelorn yearnings and sassy, triumphant declarations of independence.

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So, pick either one of our Valentine’s Day playlists below and have a good swoon or mope. Also, please comment below and tell us what your favourite Valentine’s Day / anti-love song is!

Happy listening!

Pro-Valentine’s Day
Anti-Valentine’s Day

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