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PREVIEW: Gigs of the Week in Leeds, 16th-22nd March

Kristin Hersh @  Left Bank, Thursday 21st March

Throughout her prolific music career, Kristin Hersh released eleven solo albums, founded the band Throwing Muses at the age of fourteen, and performed in her other band 50FOOTWAVE. For some people, Hersh’s music can be metaphorical or difficult to decode, but the truth is that it’s also really direct and simply describes her experiences and daily affairs in a poetic way. Hersh is also a pleasure to watch live so don’t forget to drop by Left Bank this Thursday to hear her latest album Possible Dust Clouds. (TICKETS)

Sarah Darling @ Brudenell Social Club, Thursday 21st March

Blending US country and UK pop influences, Sara Darling is growing in popularity on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Darling’s independently released album Dream Country from 2017 made it to #2 in the UK iTunes album chart and she was later nominated for an “International Artists of the Year” by the British Country Music Awards. Gifted by a beautiful voice and natural ability to effortlessly mix genres, Darling is a must see this week in Leeds, so drop by the Brudenell Social Club to hear her perform some of her best tunes. (TICKETS)

Self Esteem @  Belgrave Music Hall, Friday 22nd March

Self Esteem aka Rebecca Lucy Taylor released her debut album Compliments Please this year, however, you may already know her as one half of her former band, Slow Club. Today, she’s making music as a solo artist, writing songs that are uplifting, engaging and entirely hers. Her addictive, energetic, yet also insightful and intelligent pop tunes are definitely worth spending some time with, so come to see Self Esteem play live this week in Leeds at Belgrave Music Hall. (TICKETS)

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