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PLAYLIST: Songs For Summer

Summer time! Uni has finished, and it’s time to head back home for a couple of months and see your old friends. Weeks of hanging out in the park, throwing barbecues and sitting in beer gardens beckons. Perhaps you’re going travelling, or hitting some festivals, or maybe you’re doing an internship or picking up job experience. Any which way, it’s a time of year to be enjoyed, and of course, that requires its own soundtrack.

We’ve compiled some of our absolute favourite summertime songs into a playlist over at Spotify. Songs that make you feel as if the sun’s shining on your face, or a cool evening breeze is wafting over after a hot day. Songs that are great to listen to on headphones in solitude, or with your friends over drinks. Or maybe just songs with the word ‘summer’ in the title, whatever, we weren’t too picky.

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Assuming you’ve already heard DJ Jazzy Jeff for the 1,000th time already and are sick to bloody death of it, and all the other obvious ones, these are some tasteful alternatives for your outdoor evenings in the summer!

Happy listening!

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