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PLAYLIST: Songs For Rainy Days

If there’s one thing that fundamentally defines the experience of being alive in Britain, it’s rainy days. Specifically, the curious ability to experience all four seasons in a day just by walking to the pub, but also the way in which rain – its absence, its imminence or its recent presence – constitutes such a significant topic of debate for the inhabitants of these dampened isles.

PLAYLIST: Songs For Snow Days

Here, we’ve listed songs about rainy days – but also about the autumn and winter, the cold and the wind, and being wrapped up in the warm as raindrops patter on the window. Many songs aren’t about weather at all, but simply about having to while away a day huddled in shelter from the elements as the days get shorter.

And some just have the word ‘rain’ in the title.

Check out our Spotify playlist, ‘Songs For Rainy Days’, below!

Happy listening!

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