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REVIEW: The Libertines – ‘Anthems For Doomed Youth’ (Libertines Recording Ltd. / Virgin EMI)

by Matthew Langham As a 14 year old in 2004 I was hooked on The Libertines, so I must declare a certain bias, but also sense of dread at the prospect of Anthems For Doomed Youth. Fans knew that a third album looked like not only the most unlikely thing in the world, but also possibly one of the least desirable. However, 11 years long years after their flawed masterpiece

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REVIEW: Carl Barat & The Jackals – ‘Let It Reign’ (Grand Jury)

by Matthew Langham Carl Barât’s first solo album back in 2010 was a damp squib. Rarely acknowledged by the press, it was a squalid effort lacking in inspiration, something admitted by Barât himself. His post-Libertines solo career hasn’t worked out in the same way that bandmate Pete Doherty’s has – Dirty Pretty Things disbanded in 2008 having registered one minor hit. Five years after his career seemed to have fizzled,

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