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REVIEW: Low – ‘Double Negative’ (Sub Pop)

An enervating soundtrack to a disintegrating world of fake news, economic decline and societal discontent, Low have delivered a resounding, unique masterpiece with 12th album ‘Double Negative’.

REVIEW: Low – ‘Ones And Sixes’ (Sub Pop)

by Ed Biggs Minnesotan three-piece Low are the archetypal practitioners of the sub-genre sometimes known as ‘slowcore’. As practising Mormons, the band’s husband-and-wife core Mimi Parker and Alan Sparhawk have created their own niche in the indie world with their slow tempos, minimalist arrangements and haunting vocal harmonies, becoming an institution of sorts after 22 years and, now their 11th studio album. Ones And Sixes finds them needing to prove themselves

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