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REVIEW: The Cribs – ’24/7 Rock Star Shit’ (Sonic Blew / Sony RED)

Teaming up with Steve Albini, ’24/7 Rock Star Shit’ is the all-out punk record that The Cribs have been threatening to make for years.

LIVE REVIEW: The Cribs @ Millennium Square, Leeds, 22/07/2016

by Ed Biggs and John Tindale The angular, acoustically unfriendly environs of Leeds’ Millennium Square is the setting for The Cribs’ latest homecoming spectacular. The square has always felt quite hemmed in when adapted to be used as an open-air city centre venue, with gigs there never quite feeling large enough to feel like really big events, and the sound invariably ricocheting off the tall buildings that surround it. However, it’s unquestionably a lot

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PREVIEW: The Cribs @ Millennium Square, Leeds, 22/07/2016

by Ed Biggs Once described by Q magazine as “the biggest cult band in the UK”, there’s something comfortingly authentic about The Cribs’ career trajectory over the 15 years since their formation. Jobbing it round the nation’s toilet circuits year after year and building up their fanbase with records that improved as time went on, the Jarman brothers’ path to critical and commercial success is an increasingly rare one in 2016,

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REVIEW: The Cribs – ‘For All My Sisters’ (Sony RED / Sonic Blew)

by Ed Biggs What is it about The Cribs that inspires such devotion? Every true-spirited indie fan knows the answer. The Wakefield trio’s wholehearted devotion to the independent music cause has always been genuine and diligent. Their emergence in 2004, alongside a whole host of lesser grotty British “indie” groups now consigned to the landfill of history, has always seen them unfairly labelled as ‘cocky’, ‘swaggering’ or ‘brash’. The truth

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