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REVIEW: Titus Andronicus – ‘A Productive Cough’ (Merge)

A confusing mess of bar-room blues, electrified country and traditional rock, ‘A Productive Cough’ sees Patrick Stickles and Titus Andronicus throw a significant curveball.

REVIEW: Titus Andronicus – ‘The Most Lamentable Tragedy’ (Merge)

by Ed Biggs New Jersey punk rock four-piece Titus Andronicus made one of the most celebrated underground albums of the decade so far with their second effort, 2010’s The Monitor, an audacious concept album about the American Civil War that scraped the depths of the national psyche and came up with treasures aplenty. Their troubled lead singer, Patrick Stickles, won plenty of fans for his cuttingly incisive lyrics and his songs’

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