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REVIEW: Band Of Horses – ‘Why Are You OK’ (Interscope)

by John Tindale To say that Band of Horses have been the victims of their own hype would be a fair statement based on the amount of expectation put on the then-Seattle-based band. Debut album Everything All The Time saw the band soar to the attention of mainstream media, because of both the excellently crafted folk-tinged rock (see ‘The Funeral’) and of the back story of lead vocalist Ben Bridwell (google

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REVIEW: Iron & Wine + Ben Bridwell – ‘Sing Into My Mouth’ (Brown Records / Black Cricket)

by Ed Biggs Though they can occasionally offer an interesting insight into an artist’s influences, covers albums have a distinctly chequered reputation – no matter how varied the source material, it takes a truly exceptional artist to avoid the potential pitfalls of the exercise. While most can muster up one or two original interpretations, the attempt to do so a dozen times usually produces a flattening effect over the course of

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