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REVIEW: PINS – ‘Bad Thing’ EP (Haus Of Pins)

  • 7/10
    - 7/10


After two albums of solid post-punk, PINS introduce electronics into their sound on new EP ‘Bad Thing’.

PINS’ lead singer and guitarist, Faith Holgate, admitted that the newest EP, titled Bad Thing, was an accidental one, and an endeavour that the band didn’t really plan on doing at all. Purposefully or not, PINS picked up some electronic influences, adding even more spontaneity to their previously rock’n’roll centred sound. By doing that, the band did not lose consistency on ‘Bad Thing’, which is a surprisingly fulfilling, even in its short, five-song form. On the EP, PINS found a way to include a variety of moods in just 18 minutes, making the release an interesting and entertaining listen. All tracks included on the record are representing the band’s strengths, such as devotion to rock music and guitar riffs, but also openness to step into a new and exciting territory.

On ‘Bad Thing’, a track which allows the girls to display their non-conformist way of thinking and shout out things such as “we don’t do what we should, everyone says we’re not good”, and ‘In Nightmares’, a painful reflection about a relationship and the desire to be left alone, the five-piece from Manchester is proving to be successful in finding new and effective ways of conveying their thoughts and emotions. ‘All Hail’ is captivating and will appeal to the audience with its haunting hook and a slightly more laid back atmosphere. Fans of Joy Division might be interested in hearing PINS’ cover ‘Dead Souls’, while those who fancy listening to Iggy Pop’s morbid voice, should be on board to give the excellent ‘Aggrophobe’ a chance. The Stooges’ vocalist takes up a role of a story-teller, with his spoken-word part sounding rather thrilling and eerie, especially if contrasted with Holgate’s much softer voice.

Even though, ‘Aggrophobe’ will definitely gain a lot of attention, caused by the collaboration with Iggy Pop, Bad Thing should be appreciated as a whole, since it’s a promising invitation to what PINS will be offering their fans in the near future. The band has already proved that rock and post-punk music is no stranger to them, something that they could possibly build up on while experimenting with different influences and additions to their sound. (7/10) (Alicja Rutkowska)

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