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REVIEW: Brontë – ‘Hands’ EP (Blood Records)

  • 7/10
    - 7/10


London-based indie trio Brontë deliver a tentative but impressive debut EP.

Nowadays, the music industry is sending indie pop bands left, right and centre out into the real world and Brontë are no exception to this. The London-based trio have taken that all-important first step with their new four-track EP Hands. Along with bands like Sundara Karma, with their debut LP Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect, Brontë indulge listeners in an elevating experience as the indie within them blooms into life.

The single ‘Hands’ has exposed Brontë, particularly on streaming services like Spotify. What’s stirring about the self-titled track is the tapping guitar technique used for the main melody as the constant octave changes provide flavourful listening. In fact, the guitar’s bold tone along with nifty licks steers the song from beginning to end. Surely best song on the album, right? Well not necessarily as the second track ‘Actors’, on the other hand, is where the chemistry between the three band members is best demonstrated. The basslines are marvellous and thought-provoking; the drums are vitalising and the hammer-ons and pull-offs from the guitar are spine-tingling.

‘Midnight’ uses a synth-orientated loop which lays the foundations and paves the way for the vivid vocals that follows. The song also features the greatest build-ups on the EP followed by a soft yet punchy breakdown that is enhanced by the crashing drum cymbals. ‘Too Much’ minimalizes the vocals and lets the guitar tell the story. Perhaps lyrical content didn’t even need to be included; but that is debatable. Mind you, the repetitive lyrics “I don’t wanna know” cling onto your eardrums whenever they pop up.

Once again, 2017 is shaping up to be a spectacular year for indie. Bands in a similar vein have come and gone over time but Brontë have made it clear that they won’t be disappearing any time soon. (7/10) (Harry Beynon)

Listen to Hands EP here via Spotify, and tell us what you think below!

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