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PREVIEW: Gigs of the Week in Leeds, August 11th-17th

KT Tunstall @ Millennium Square, Saturday 11th August

Representing a bit of a blast from the past in 2018, KT Tunstall is a Scottish singer-songwriter with a soulful voice and cheeky attitude. Her debut album Eye To The Telescope from 2005 proved that Tunstall could write songs of an equal potential for both intimate listening and pop radio play. Often compared to artists such as Fiona Apple, Dido or Katie Melua, Tunstall was at one point one of the most recognizable and beloved figures of the British indie-rock scene. An energetic and authentic live performer, Tunstall is also not to be missed on the stage, where she puts her guitar skills into use and electrifies the audience with her colourful presence. You can see her perform at Millennium Square this Saturday.   

Simple Minds @ Millennium Square, Saturday 11th August

Simple Minds can be described as veterans of the pop-rock music scene. The band’s history dates back to the late ‘70s when they formed in Glasgow, soon becoming the most commercially successful Scottish band of the ‘80s. Today, Simple Minds sound modern, but not without a vintage show of classics include in their performances. You can expect a mixture of old songs, anthemic hits and a handful of new tunes to appear during their upcoming gig in Leeds. Simple Minds’ frontman, Jim Kerr, is also still in shape to deliver an electrifying and charismatic show, one that you sure don’t want to miss.

The Vamps @ Millennium Square, Sunday 12th August

 The Vamps have toured with or supported artists such as Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Little Mix and Demi Lovato. Although they are often compared to One Direction, they do not agree with the boyband label, writing their own music and each playing their own instrument. While The Vamps may largely appeal to a younger audience, their music is fun, energetic and catchy enough to attract audiences of all different kinds. Give them a chance this Sunday at Millennium Square.

Re:Imagine – Daft Punk performed by a 16-piece orchestra @ Canal Mills, Thursday 16th August

Since the French duo themselves haven’t toured in over a decade, Daft Punk tributes and simulations are the closest thing most mortals are going to get from now on. The critically acclaimed ‘Reimagine’ collective, who’ve earned rave reviews for orchestral reconstructions of the works of artists from Bob Dylan to Destiny’s Child, turn their attention to one of the most in-demand artists of the last decade. Tickets are selling fast, so grab yours! (TICKETS)

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