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CULT ’90s: Belle & Sebastian – ‘If You’re Feeling Sinister’

In some circles, the fact that If You’re Feeling Sinister did not make Belle & Sebastian the most popular band of the late 1990s is regarded as the greatest injustice in the history of popular music, such is the devotion it inspires. While that may be an overstatement, it is certainly not contentious to say that Belle & Sebastian divide opinion. All of the characteristics for which their fans adore

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CULT ’90s: Belle & Sebastian – ‘Tigermilk’

by Ed Biggs The success story of Tigermilk, the beautiful and understated album by Belle & Sebastian that turned out to be first record of a two-decade long career that the band themselves didn’t expect to last more than a few months, was and still is one of most heartwarming throwbacks in recent pop history. Formed by lead singer and songwriter Stuart Murdoch and Stuart David in Glasgow in 1996 for

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