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REVIEW: Deadmau5 – ‘W:/2016ALBUM/’ (mau5trap)

  • 4/10
    - 4/10


If Joel Zimmerman himself says that ‘W:/2016ALBUM/’ is “rushed” and “slapped together”, how does he expect anybody else to like it?

The Canadian EDM giant known as Deadmau5 (a.k.a Joel Zimmerman) has returned with his aptly titled 8th studio album W:/2016ALBUM/, a predecessor to his ambitious 25-track double LP While (1<2). This is Deadmau5’s first album to be released by his own record label mau5trap, and it features typical EDM patterns but with the emphasis put on built-up electronic progressions. The opening song ‘4ware’ is centred on these progressions that provides 8½ minutes of repetitive, as well as enjoyable, listening. Then the robotic drops and catchy melodies in ‘2448’ do enough to keep you interested. The album highlights go to ‘Cat Thruster’, a song driven by funky vibes which is something that Deadmau5 isn’t really known for but he pulls it off, and ‘No Problem’ which makes it as the greatest song on the album because it’s the only song that feels 100% complete.

Then we come onto the album’s mighty flaw; the pieces are there but do not bind together well to make a whole. The singles ‘Let Go’, a collaboration with Grabbitz and the only song to have lyrics, and ‘Snowcone’ are merely average and do not leave behind any serious impact like singles should. ‘Deus Ex Machina’ feels as though it does not belong on the album at all, a majorly tedious and lacklustre disappointment. ‘Imaginary Friends’, ‘Three Pound Chicken Wing’ and ‘Whelk Then’ could have been something more but they lack the direction and focus that is desired. All of this however was deemed inevitable as Deadmau5 himself has openly hated his new album. He said that the album was “rushed” and “slapped together”. To conclude, W:/2016ALBUM/ is not a total failure but a disappointing instalment of the Deadmau5 catalogue nonetheless; compared to previous efforts like 4×4=12 and >album title goes here<. (4/10) (Harry Beynon)

Listen to W:/2016ALBUM/ here via Spotify, and tell us what you think below!

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