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REVIEW: Wye Oak – ‘Tween’ (City Slang)

wye_oak_tweenby Ollie Rankine

To release an album under the premise that its content is a jumble of handpicked out-takes from previous studio endeavours can too often be nourishment for our scepticism. Fears spanning from artistic stagnation to digging up second grade material can cloud fan anticipation. However, Baltimore duo Wye Oak look to prove us wrong with their fifth album, Tween. Compiled from a mix of tracks that derive from the band’s musically transitional period between 2011’s Civilian and 2014’s Shriek, Wye Oak’s newest addition to their back catalogue proves to be their most ethereally melodic work to date.

Having been built upon a layering of sonically pleasing, jagged guitar riffs and intermittently airy album breaks, Tween suitably quells any aspect of doubt concerning Wye Oak’s creativity or progression. Whilst tracks, ‘If You Should See’ and ‘Too Right’ provide the record with its driving force and spark, at the other end of spectrum, tracks such as ‘Trigger Finger’ play host to more delicately cascading guitar work. Jenn Wasner’s consistent vocal throughout provides the album with its undeniable warmth and coincides accordingly to its audibly swelling character. Although having been overlooked in the past, Tween provides us with suitable proof of Wye Oak’s artistic competence and vision and may just assist in engraving their name more distinctly in our minds for the future. (7/10)

Listen to Tween here via Spotify, and tell us what you think below!

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