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REVIEW: Morrissey – ‘Low In High School’ (BMG)

Aside from the controversy surrounding its release, Morrissey’s 11th studio album ‘Low In High School’ is an exhausting listen that tries too hard to hammer home the socio-political commentary.

REVIEW: Angel Olsen – ‘Phases’ (Jagjaguwar)

B-sides album ‘Phases’ is an interesting and thoroughly worthwhile accompaniment to Angel Olsen’s three studio albums thus far.

REVIEW: Empire Of The Sun – ‘On Our Way Home’ EP (The Sleepy Jackson / Universal)

Dropped from Capitol after the commercial failure of 2016’s ‘Two Vines’, Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore strike out into a new era with… more of the same.

REVIEW: Taylor Swift – ‘Reputation’ (Big Machine)

‘Reputation’ sees Taylor Swift examine her relationship with the media and the nature of fame, but one can’t help feeling that she could have taken more musical risks.

REVIEW: Teen Daze – ‘Themes For A New Earth’ (Flora)

Jamison Isaak delivers the second of two Teen Daze albums of 2017, both focussed on ecological and environmental issues, but ‘Themes For A New Earth’ is notably more optimistic.

REVIEW: Sleigh Bells – ‘Kid Kruschev’ (Lucky Number)

Mini-album ‘Kid Kruschev’ represents a further interesting development on the established Sleigh Bells sound.

REVIEW: Lost Horizons – ‘Ojalá’ (Bella Union)

Lost Horizons’ ‘Ojalá’ is an album that makes you feel melancholic and nostalgic, but for all the wrong reasons.

REVIEW: Sam Smith – ‘The Thrill Of It All’ (Capitol)

A heart-wrenching lyrical tour de force from Sam Smith is fatally compromised by bland over-production on his second album, ‘The Thrill Of It All’.

REVIEW: Shamir – ‘Revelations’ (Father/Daughter Records)

‘Revelations” tumultuous beginnings represent a triumph of sorts for Shamir, with its renewed lo-fi noise challenging the listeners to enter the uncomfortable world that Shamir inhabits. However, that doesn’t excuse poor songwriting and delivery to which it is painful to listen.